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Watch your Sheds !

There have been break-ins to a number of sheds at Townfield lane Allotment. They appear to have been targeting higher cost items - strimmers etc rather than basic tools.

London road

Brian got Cuprinol from the council and has given the shed a coat. Paul from the council strimmed the overgrown plot. Mick Ellams & Brian have replaced the hinges on the shed door as the council were reluctant to find money to replace the door.

The London Road Shed
The London Road Shed

Annual Council Inspection

This took place on February 14th and 3 councillors attended, Linda Brown, Clare Collins and Caroline Ashton. Many thanks to them. Brian Twiss, Idris Roberts and Peter Vickery provided the feedback for each of the sites. Thanks also to Barrie Howarth for his input. Linda took notes of what was discussed and will report back to us. All the sites looked in good heart and especially London Road after all the work. Apparently there used to be a Trophy awarded for the best plot across the 3 sites with a sponsored prize. Any interest in reviving this?

Council Inspection February 14th 2016
Council Inspection February 14th 2016
Meeting at the Bull's Head, November 2nd

Here’s a summary of last night’s session:

Six members enjoyed a good discussion before moving on to the Helter Skelter. The Group has twenty paid-up members, with six not wishing to join. The feeling was that the group had been effective in establishing a dialogue with the Council and securing the services of the National Association and was good value for the extra £5.

· The quality of the top soil used to re-instate the London Road site was extremely poor as Brian Twiss’s photos showed. The Council would be informed that if they had paid anything for it they had paid too much. Malcolm and Maggie Davies had identified a source of free (collect it yourself) horse manure off Bradley Lane and Brian would arrange for a trailer this coming weekend so that the manure could be bagged and taken to London Road. All help would be needed, and if the other sites wanted to join in and drop some bags off they would be welcome.

· Dave Thomas is going to get some Kings Seeds Catalogues so that members can pool their requirements under one order to get a good discount. The Helsby Village Produce Group (Saturdays outside the Eccies Club) is also a good opportunity to get supplies at good prices and as long as one the group joined up then the requirements could potentially again be acquired via one order. Gleaves also give discounts to allotment holders; all you have to do is ask.

· Peter Vickery would be asking the Council to do the annual tour again to look at any issues, such as the overhanging branches on Kingsway Site from the Church Fields footpath.

Some pictures of that top-soil.

London Road
Glad to to see that London road is up and and running - pity about the top-soil though - see above.
And here are some pictures of the diggers at work.